Cycling is all about working as a team or ‘Peloton’ to finish the ride. For this exciting project a team of artists, archaeologists, event organisers, scientists and filmmakers will invite the public to join the Sheffield Steel Peloton and explore the process of making a bicycle, complete with a specially designed bicycle head badge made from iron mined and forged into steel in Sheffield. Follow this fascinating process from its beginnings deep underground to the creation of a unique bicycle and film to celebrate Le Tour arriving in Yorkshire this summer.

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Sheffield Steel Peloton teaser from Zerobelow Films on Vimeo.

Iron Smelting

Help with an ambitious experimental archaeology project to see whether local iron ore can be successfully smelted into iron using a traditional bloomery furnace.


Watch a blacksmith working with a forge, a hammer and an anvil. Learn about forging iron and steel and the tools and materials used in this ancient craft.

Hand Built Bike

Explore the process of making a hand built bike. Find out about the craft, design and engineering skills needed in the production of a bespoke bicycle.

Making in Sheffield

We’re making a film about making in Sheffield. If you or someone you know has a story to tell about the past, present and future of manufacturing in Sheffield we’d like to meet you.

Bike Decoration Workshops

Bring your bike (and accessories!) and learn creative and safe ways to decorate your bike. Take home a DIY bike head badge kit. Get decorating your bike ready for the city centre cavalcade on 5th July!

Dr. Bike Checkup

Chain need oiling? Brakes need adjusting? Bring your bike for a full safety check. Minor repairs fixed on the spot and anything more serious we’ll give you a Dr Bike prescription and discount card to take along to your local bike shop.

The Science of Cycling

Get involved with interactive bike-themed science activities exploring friction, pressure, gears, co-ordinations, exercise and helmets! Short demonstrations suitable for all ages.

Energy for Cycling

Cycling needs energy, and energy needs the right food – how about a tasty energy spread made from carob syrup, tahini, cocoa, honey and agave? Give the free samples a try and give your energy a boost!